I would like to first and foremost welcome our new host, Harold Covington Jr. Harold has an awesome attitude and spirit that never wavers. Please welcome Harold as a new addition to the Mid Week Massacre family. He will be interviewing Nashville's Big Station 92q's Fiona Soul. Fiona will be filling you in with behind the scenes information about radio, tell you of her new endeavors and even takes us to a community event where she judged Tom Joy Elementary Talent Show. Thank you all for your support and keep watching the MID WEEK MASSACRE. With featured music from Lisa Robinson, Nycole Valentina - NV, JD, 28 and OG3. Please reach out to Harold directly or (615)200-8569 for music placement co-ordination and video submissions.

For local Nashville stations go to Mid Week Massacre Page.  Click here to watch online!  Every Tuesday 1am and 3p, Wednesday 2:30a and Thursday 12a.

 We will continue to build the site until it is the Independent Mecca.  More information to follow.