As Promised, we have another installment of Mid Week Massacre ‘Uncut’. (click pic to watch) This is the 3rd edition of this series. So let’s get started. We sat down and talked to JD about his 3rd installment of his series ‘The Evolution of JD’. The name of his new project is ‘Black & Mild’. JD went in depth with his discussion on this project. He will also talk about the release party at Club Agenda 609 9th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 on September 20th. This event will be hosted by Jene India and Harold Covington Jr. He also has other talented performers like Robin Raynelle, Kiya Lacy and Damien Horne. Enjoy this installment of the MWM Uncut. This month’s edition of MWM Uncut will feature a performance from Heir Tights’ DJ Stones & Chilli Sauce. We hope you enjoy it.

Music By: DJ Stones, Chilli Sauce & Tattoo Bling 

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